Wednesday, 20 March 2013

How to Tie Head Scarves

Well, first of all there isn't only one way to tie a scarf around your head, so you can go on and have a new head piece on you while using the same item. Secondly, the color and design of each wrap differs and it grabs people's attention whenever you enter a room. Lastly, it just looks good.

How to Tie Head Scarves 5 Ways:

1. Thickness and warmth are the things you should look for whenever you are looking for those stylish scarfs to help accentuate your fashion sense. Different wraps can help complete a stunning outfit or add a womanly charm to the simplest of clothes. In addition, this accessory will save you from those dreaded bad hair days.

2. The first way to tie this around your head would be to do it in a ponytail wrap. This may seem dull at first, but because of the vibrant colors and design of the scarfs, the typical ponytail turns into some elegant and pretty. Also, because of the size the ponytail is easily detectable and everyone can see the piece. To make this wrap, you have to turn it into a narrow band by folding it a couple of times. After, take the band you just made and wrap it around the ponytail twice or thrice, depending on the size of your hair, then finish it off with a square knot. For a dressier version, you can turn the ends of the scarf into a big ribbon.

3. One of the most popular trends being used today is turning scarfs into hair bands. Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba are some of the A-list celebrities who are commonly seen with this look. Aside from being the most popular look of them all, this is also the easiest look to achieve. By simply folding the item lengthwise into a band, you've just created your own hair band. To how wide or narrow you want the band to be is entirely dependent on you. Next, wrap the band across your temple and behind the ears. Then, make a square knot behind your neck. You can either let the ends hang loose or tuck them in for a neat look.

4. If you want to achieve a classier, Jackie-O look all you need to do is create triangle out of the scarfs and wrap the base of the triangle just above your hairline. Take the ends and tie them under your chin, then bring them around the back and create a square knot. If you want to complete this look, don't forget to wear a pair of over sized sunglasses.

5. For a more modernized Jackie-O look, follow the same folding technique as classic look but instead of wrapping it above your hairline, wrap it across. Then take the ends of the scarf and pull it back across the sides of your head and make a square knot at the back. Given these examples, you can go from a modernized look to a bohemian look all with the change of a tie. So go and experiment with your creativity. Try and go for something posh or sporty, if you need a bit of inspiration check out some fashion magazines or the internet for some tips.

Remember these items aren't made to only keep you warm during the cold. They'll also give a fashion statement while feeling comfortable with what you are wearing. So the next time you feel like expressing yourself by dressing up, use head scarfs to make a stand. And who knows, that stand of yours might be the next trend to hit the season.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to Wear Head Scarf Without Damaging Your Hair Cut

Women in Headscarf

Some women are very worried if disturbed and damaged hair pieces, especially if it makes their hair damaged and dull. Therefore, you should use a head scarf in a way like in the picture above and give a little air space in order not to hot on the scalp.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Friday, 2 March 2012

1940 Headscarf

1940's Headscarf
imae source:

How to tie 1940s headscarf from superkawaiimama

Right now I really love the style of retro and vintage-style, especially head scarves style. I went looking for some nice pictures for guidance on how to use them for everyday style.

I hope this 1940's headscarf picture can inspire you.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Silk Head Scarves

Silk Head Scarves
Silk Head Scarves For Women

Silk Head Scarves
Fashion Head Scarves

Silk Head Scarf
Ladies Silk Head Scarves

Silk Head Scarf
Silk Head Scarves From Aker

Silk is known as 'queen of fabrics'. It always gets associated with wealth and opulence. The outstanding luster and beauty of silk head scarves make them the most desirable choice for women all over the world. Silk hair coverings have a distinct appeal and come in pleasant colors with different creative patterns such as floral and abstract paintings. It helps a fashion freak woman to project her personality and preferences without being outlandish. The unparalleled magic of silk head scarves makes them the most tempting choice, especially because they go well with every kind of attire.