Saturday, 10 December 2011

Finding The Perfect Headscarf Style

Getting ready to go to an extravagant wedding and you decide to experiment with your headscarf hijab to see if you can miraculously look different and beautiful, only to realize through the pictures that in retrospect that was a HUGE MISTAKE. It's true, over 75% women have not found the perfect headscarf hijab style that will make their features shine.

I know I'm not the only one that has gone through a long journey of trying to figure out which headscarves hijab style suits best on me, plenty of girls have gone through this struggle. Case in point, the story above has happened to me every time after a wedding or event. Truth be told, I'm still going through it. Admit it, many of you have tried styles that look so appealing on others and when you try it on it just never looks the same. Point being, ever since Dina Toki-o hit the market with her graceful and effortless hijab scarf style everyone began to experiment with headscarf hijabs, but more than that every girl experimented with wearing head scarves hijab the way Dina sported her hijab scarf.

Truth, most of us look like idiots attempting to get the same headscarf hijab style as beautiful as it looks on her.
Some of us can't get the "point" she creates around the forehead right, some of us stack so much fabric on our heads to get that almost looks like we're wearing a sari on our head instead of a hijab.

I'll be the first to admit, been there and tried that --- and it worked some places but some places it didnt. For example, just because Sophia Bush's hairstyle and pout looks amazing on her does not mean that it'll do justice to me, even though I would love to look like her. Similarly, some colors will look gorgeous on you and on the next person it might just look down right ridiculous. This note is to all the ladies who just haven't found "the one."

I'll hopefully be writing a series on different hijab scarf styles i'll be trying so that i can finally figure out which headscarf hijab suits me and my face type. Hopefully this will help all the sisters out there with different face types/structures find the hijab veil of their dreams, lol. As well as at least this way I'll never have to guess again what my daily hijab style should be ---- i can maybe even MASTEERRR in perfecting it!

How many of you have found yourself in the same rut of not being able to get your headscarf hijab style to be THE ONE for you?Also, are there any particular areas you want me to tackle more specifically? [For example, if the forehead is too big which headscarf hijab style looks best on that kind of face type.]