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How to Wear Scarf Head Wrap

How to Wear Scarf Head Wrap

Want to look different? Wrap your head with a head wrap! Throughout the ages both men and women of different cultures have worn head wraps to protect their heads from different weather conditions and simultaneously to express their personal and cultural style.

It is also helpful to protect hair from dust, heat and cold. Today women and girls wear them to create an easy fashionable look.

Altogether there are many advantages of head wraps, but to wear and tie a head wrap is a bit difficult; some of the important tips to wear and a tie a headwear are follows.

Head scarf should be folded vertically and must be placed properly on the back of the head so that the scarf hangs down and get balance in a parallel way; then we have to hold one side of the scarf and to move upward across the top of forehead and to pull the other side across the another end.

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Now we have to wrap one end of the scarf to the back of head so that it tightly sticks to the other side, again we have to do the same with the opposite end of head wrap. The final is to fold both the ends over the forehead and to twist it around according to individual style; boby pins should be used to tighten the last fold.

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