Saturday, 7 January 2012

Head Scarf Tying Tutorial

Head Scarf Tying Tutorial
Start with a large, square scarf. I like my vintage silk scarves because they're soft and not bulky.

Head Scarf Tying
Fold one corner to the other to form a triangle.

Tying Head Scarf
Tying Head Scarf
Fold the corner down to about the middle, and then fold over again (but not all the way to the edge, because you want it to be a little thicker).

headscarves fashion
Put the scarf around your head with the ends in the front, making sure the wrong side of the scarf (the part where you can see the folds) is against your head.

Tie it in a loose knot at the front. I like to keep the whole scarf a little on the loose side (it will stay in place).

headscarf tying
silk scarf
Tuck the ends behind/underneath the scarf.

head scarves
Head scarf tying tutorial done.

Head Scarf Tying Tutorial. After so many requests from my friends, I finally made a tutorial on how to tie a simple head scarf.
Then I get an email containing about how to wear a head scarf that comes from my friend's blogs. I am very grateful to her so much for making this great tutorial.

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  1. Thanks you for this awesome head scarf tying guide.
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