Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Head Scarves Trend

After being featured in the recent Prada resort collection and being spotted around the streets of the ever fashionable Milan and New York, the questionable head scarf is now back in fashion, and is also currently regarded as one of fashions hottest accessory trends for the coming seasons, with the likes of fashion blogger and model Hanneli Mustaparta following suit.

What was once considered as old fashioned is now an incredibly chic way of updating old wardrobe classics such as the little black dress without breaking your budget! There are also countless ways to wear the look, whether you decide to sport the look on your head or on your hips as a belt – the look can work for just about anyone as long as you can find the print to suit you! Can’t find it in shops? Why not head down to your local market and haggle your way into buying that perfect print? Or simply re-invent an old piece of clothing by giving it a new lease of life as a head scarf! The look doesn’t have to be difficult, but it can definitely be high fashion.

Want to splurge on one of the most talked about pieces this season? Try investing in an original Hermes scarf!


  1. The return of the headscarf has been predicted for the last few years but has never come. Remember the Dolce & Gabana show of a couple of years ago? Unfortunately the trend never took off.

    I am skeptical that it will now too. True that the headscarf is chic and practical, but it now has associations with Islam and will, I am afraid, remain in a niche.

    Pretty model though, how she keeps the scarf in place is a mystery! I reckon it was just on a photo shoot to display the product.

  2. I agree with you.
    I really like scarves or head scarves, wear head scarves make woman look beautiful, chic and elegant.

    thank you for comment. ♥


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