Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Many Ways to Wear a Scarf

Here in Cali there is no point in having a lot of winter accessories. It’s warm and sunny more than it’s not and scarves, sweaters and other cold weather accessories are bulky and take up a lot of closet space. Rather than packing those closet hoggers away until next winter, why not re-use them in various ways to spruce up your warm weather accessories? You can save money by using objects you already have, save time by not having to pack up your winter accessories to haul out your summer wardrobe.

Most Californians layer in the winter anyway because most fall and winter days start out cold only to warm up in the afternoon. Here are a few summery inspirations to do with your scarf on warm summer days, or ways to re-work the item with your outfit if you live somewhere life New England where the weather changes more often than people change their underwear.

1. Use it as a belt
This is probably the most obvious thing to do with a scarf in the summer. There are many ways to tie it and get different looks.

2. Use it as a headband
This one is also really popular. You can tie it into your braid, create a bun cover, use it to pull your hair back- depending on the length of your hair really determines how many ways you can wear it.

3. Spruce up your jewelry
Twist it, tie it, braid it, link it. The possibilities are endless. I’ve shown a couple of different ways to wear it as a necklace, add some charms, etc but really the creativity starts and ends with you.

4. Tie it as a necktie
Tied creatively this lightweight scarf looks more like a necktie than a scarf. Use it to spruce up some business outfits in the summer.

5. Wrap it as a sarong
If your scarf is long enough you can use it as a beach wrap/ pool cover up.